The Skelligs Sock- Did you know?

Did you know that a trip to the Skelligs in 2018, inspired the founding of this brand!

When the founder Anna returned to land after a glorious adventure on Skellig Michael, she wanted to purchase a memento to remind her of this perfect day at this majestic Unesco World Heritage site. 


When she failed to find anything she loved- it got her thinking! and this thought process led to the creation of the Sock Co Op collection, that celebrates our Unique and beautiful places of Ireland. 

Naturally the first design we created pays homage to the wonderful Skelligs. 

The first design took many months to complete as we knew this would be the style to set the tone for the rest of the brand. Since our designs are based on places, we decided to create Panoramic styling on each sock- so the design is a complete 360 degrees pattern.

This unique design process allows for a beautiful vista of the place we wanted to celebrate. 





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