Lighthouse & Cliffs Sock - Did you know?

Did you know that the Stunning Cliffs of Moher and Loophead Lighthouse in Co.Clare, inspire this sock?

In this design we wanted to celebrate one of our most famous natural sites, the stunning Cliffs of Moher. Which attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year!

cliffs of moher-sock-co-op-irish-socks        

The Cliffs run a staggering 18 Km long, and stand at a height of 214 meters at Hags head!  

The famous Cliffs  cliffs have appeared in several films, including The Princess Bride (1987), Harry Potter (2009) and Leap year (2010), and in music videos including Marron 5 "runaway", and Westlifes, "my Love". 

We also wanted to celebrate the charming Lighthouse at Loop Head  in this design, even though this is perched 80 Km south of the famous cliffs!, but still within the beautiful County of Clare. 

loop head-sock-irish sock      

There has been a lighthouse at Loop Head since 1670! Loop Head Peninsula  was recently voted as the best place to holiday in Ireland in a national competition.

Part of the film Star Wars, the Last Jedi, was filmed at Loop Head.

We love this design, and so do you, it has been one of our best sellers. We were  nervous about the coral coloured sky-but thankfully we have discovered that you love colour as much as we do!


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